Easy Blue Green Smokey Eye Makeup – Makeup How To – Glamrs

Let’s do something new. We all love the smokey eye look, but rarely ever experiment with colored smokey eyes. Pallavi Symons, our amazing makeup expert shows a great take on a smokey eye using an electric blue with khakhi green to create this bold smokey look. This new eye makeup look is lovely and attractive.To make things easier she has started by using the extreme eyeliner pencil in Electric blue as a base (pencils are great because they are so easy to use and make for a great base for eyeshadow to stick onto), then using an eyeshadow blending brush she created a soft gradation of colour, moving from dark to light. After this using an eyeshadow repeat the same process for more intense colour(she added some khakhi to the blue for more dimension). I have always thought it is hard to create a perfect smokey eye, but this technique makes things so easy! The key is in blending the colours well, so make sure you have the right tools and the rest will fall in place.

All the products used to create this look are from Studiowest by Westside. We were really thrilled to use these products because Pallavi actually helped in creating this range. The Electric Blue eyeliner is a great coloured liner to try if you are looking to ditch the black (which I highly recommend you do!). If you have tried products from Studiowest do let us know in comments below, we love to hear from your ladies!

The products used in this video are:
Collection Studiowest By Westside
– Extreme Eyeliner (Electric Blue 13)
– Crystal Eyeshadow (Bombay Jewels M04)
– Luscious Mascara
– Radiance Blush- Maya Collection
– Irresistible Lipstick (Pure Caramel 303)


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