The Quint: Govt Has Taken No Action to Protect the Doctors: IMA, Maharashtra

Nearly 40,000 Maharashtra doctors decided to go on an indefinite strike to support their colleagues agitating over the lack of security to them in the government hospitals.
The 40,000-odd doctors, all members of the Maharashtra chapter of the Indian Medical Association, decided to shun work and join over 4,500 resident doctors in the state, who have been staying away from the duty for the last three days.
In AIIMS Delhi, around 1,200 resident doctors turned up on duty expressing solidarity with their striking counterparts in Maharashtra. They have decided to continue this novel protest tomorrow as well.
“Nobody bothers about resident doctors who were brutally beaten up. Instead of providing security to resident doctors at their workplace, the Maharashtra government is threatening them of deducting their salaries and throwing them out of their hostels,” president of Resident doctors’ Association of AIIMS Dr Vijay Gurjar said.
“We, the resident doctors at AIIMS, will work with helmets on in the emergency department tomorrow as well,” he said.

Video: ANI
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