Review of the Indian Season – Cricketers of the Season – Yorked Ep.13 – Exhale Sports

Team India had an amazing season with a recent victory in the series against Australia and previously against England. Amol Mazumdar predicted the result of the India-Australia test series to be 2-1 in the favour of Indian cricket team. There have been multiple highlights of the tournament from splendid performances by Bowlers and Batsmen of both the sides to the heating up of the on-field rivalry between Indian players and their Australian counterparts which took a bad shape. So, here we have Amol Mazumdar and Rohan Gavaskar reviewing the Great Indian test season vs. England and Australia and revealing their picks for:
Match of the Season
Cricketer of the Season
Batsmen of the Season
Bowler of the Season
Innings of the Season
Spell of the Season
Find of the Season
Opponent of the Season
Opposition Player of the Season
Do you agree with our picks? Please leave a comment and let us know who your choices are.

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